Domiciliary Care

Sandton Healthcare provides domiciliary care services by a professional Carer working to an agreed care plan. How you get your care is determined by your care requirements. Your carer may visit you once per day or several times, each visit may vary from 30mins to many hours. It can be short-term that is you might need assistance after hospital admission or long-term if you need continuous support.

You are at the centre of your care and you are in charge of the care and support you receive. We ensure you have full control and can make informed choices. It is our priority to deliver our services in the context of the life you or your family chooses. We recognise the importance of family members and friends so we welcome their contribution to the care planning process.

Morning visit

A Carer will be available to care for you from the moment you wake up. They will assist you with getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, taking medication, and preparation of a nutritious breakfast meal.

Day visit

During the daytime, our Carer will help with light housework such as dusting and mopping. They can escort you to doctor's appointments or pick up your prescription, provide you with company, and prepare your lunch.

Night visit

You can also have a Carer to look after you whilst you sleep. Our Carer can help you with getting into bed, toileting, changing sleeping positions. They are there to make sure that your night is peaceful and comfortable. Our night visits can be in the form of 'sleep-ins' where your carer can sleep but will wake up to assist you, or 'waking nights' where your carer will be up the whole night.