Supported Living Services

Maximising choice and control over your lives.

All-round quality support for you and your loved ones.

Sandton Healthcare services provide high-quality accommodation for individuals needing supported living and work for hand in hand with Housing associations that provide accommodation. We do individual assessments to understand you and also work together with external agencies so that we can achieve the outcomes defined in the support plans we draft for every individual.

We have a holistic approach when providing support. We aim to empower the individual by encouraging social interaction and improving communication skills through educational and recreational activities.

Sandton Healthcare Supported Living  supports individuals aged 18 to 65 of both genders with the following conditions:

We support individuals with mild, moderate, or severe learning disabilities. Our support plans will be tailored to each individual's needs because we understand that every individual has specific needs. Our personalised support emphasises empowerment, active participation, and improved quality of life.

Sandton Healthcare provides comprehensive mental health rehabilitation for individuals with moderate or mild mental health needs.

We focus on improving self-confidence and enhancing emotional well-being. We have an amazing team of trained support workers who are experienced in supporting individuals with a variety of mental health issues that include schizophrenia, personality disorders, and many others.

We support individuals with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).  We do an initial 'autism profile' so that we can tailor our support to the individuals' particular needs. Also, this assessment helps us to clarify the nuances of an individual's condition- which vary greatly amongst persons.

We provide support to individuals with mild to profound and multiple disabilities. Our Support workers will deliver the appropriate level of assistance, which includes assistance help with mobility, personal care, and communication.

Quality staff

We ensure that all our Carers present credentials showing that they have completed education and training programs. We also provide training programs to ensure that all staff has our values embedded in how they provide their services.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We work closely with other healthcare professionals such as housing associations, the GP, speech and language therapists, social workers, and other service providers to ensure that your support covers all areas. We take into account:

  • How an individual wants to be supported
  • Future aspirations and goals
  • Likes and interests
  • The number of support hours required
What do our support plans include?
  • Supporting with development of hobbies or interests.
  • Assistance in sourcing employment either paid or voluntary.
  • Support with management of personal care and medication.
  • Encouraging improvement of daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping.
  • Maintaining appropriate behaviour and positive communication.
  • Re-engagement with education and learning.
  • Maintaining a tenancy and dealing with correspondence.
  • Managing finances including budgeting and benefits.
  • Building confidence, resilience, and self-esteem.
  • Encouraging the building of positive relationships, socialisation, and involvement in the community.